Business Development & Strategy

We specialise in building solid business propositions, strong growth strategy and partnerships. We also run London’s largest tech start up community with over 8000 members and have deep connections in the tech eco systems and assisted many starts ups in getting ready for raising investment, enhance their brand and build the right partnerships.


Our Approach

For over 15 years we have been growing companies – as co-founders, partners and advisors. We have run investment readiness programs where the founders of City Mapper got the advise they needed, we have had the Uber founders doing their first European pitch, or GoCardless reaching out to the start up community to find early adopters.

Based on our experience we understand what makes a pitch successful, who you should work with to grow your tech team, who you speak to when you need help with marketing and most importantly assist you in making your business successful.

This is why we created Rocketjuice – to bring together the expertise and partners for growth in one place.

Areas we cover:

- Pitch development and business positioning

- MVP and agile development

- Introduction to investors

- Business strategy

- Partnership development

- Brand architecture


MiniBarLabs – Is a business development and strategy agency that also runs London’s largest tech community with over 8000 members and many business support programs with partners including Grant Thornton, Innovate UK, Microsoft Ventures and others.


Ready to talk?

RocketJuice will discuss your needs with you and make some recommendations.

Once you’ve selected a partner we would continue to be part of the process, ensuring that throughout the engagement you’re receiving the service quality expected.

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