Cyber Security Assessment

Learn how to take a risk-based approach to mitigating cyber security threats in your business

Cyber Risk Analysis Workshop & Security Roadmap

This is the perfect package to get your growing business better cyber protected. We will perform a detailed, business-focused cyber risk analysisin form of a workshop with key stakeholders. We’ll establish how you use technology in your business, what data is important to your operations, and how it might be at risk from hackers, ransomware, viruses or phishing emails.

We’ll assess the protections you currently have in place and your ability todetect, respond to and manage risks, identify gaps, and provide a prioritised list of recommendations tailored to your organisation.

As part of our recommendations, we’ll also advise you of any laws and regulations that you need to be aware of around Cyber Security, and any security frameworks that might be a good fit for your business to help youdemonstrate your commitment to security to potential clients whether justto build trust, or to enable you to bid for contracts with specific security requirements.


We will deliver the following as part of this work package:

  • Risk discovery workshop
    • Guided Q&A session to identify areas of risk
  • Detailed report summarising:
    • Data collected
    • Key risk areas
    • Prioritised recommendations
  • Tailored security roadmap
  • Presentation of recommendations


Typically, £4000-6000 depending on size of organisation

Next Steps

If you’re interested in knowing more, we would suggest an initial discoverycall with you to understand more about your key objectives and areas of risk. We would then prepare an initial engagement plan, scope of services and proposal.

There is no cost for this initial step and so would strongly encourage you to take advantage of this specialist advice.