Tell Your Story
with a Lightboard

Lightboard videos are an engaging way of explaining and pitching your startup to customers and investors.

About Talking Edge


Talking Edge Studios has over 10 years of experience in producing high quality video services to their customers. Their team of BBC approved experts and creative specialists work with you to create engaging video content that enables your business to reach out and talk directly to customers, stakeholders and employees.

Why Lightboard Videos?

Key benefits of Lightboard Videos


The presenter is always facing the audience, increasing cognition through direct facial expression and body gestures


The visual, eye-catching effect of the neon makes the video extremely memorable. Ideal for educational content


Lightboard video holds viewers’ attention, increasing watch time and improving conversion


How it works

  • Two sheets of specialised glass with a tiny airgap
  • LED lights focus down through the airgap
  • Light gets 'trapped' and 'escapes' through the neon pen markings
  • Black backdrop and specialist lighting set-up to eliminate reflections
  • Image is 'flipped' in post-production

Want some proof?

This video by Fintech startup, 11FS received 18K views in 3 weeks

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