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Software Development Services from Ukraine

It’s generally common knowledge among the software industry that Ukraine has become a leading destination for IT and development outsourcing. Here’s some of the key reasons why:

Resources - Ukraine is 4th globally in terms of number of certified IT specialists (after India, Russia, USA)

Costs - On average development resources are 50% less than those in the UK and Germany. In addition, Ukrainian developers pay only 5% tax

Accessibility – only 2-3 hours’ flight time from Western Europe

Proven credibility – large corporations have built IT and development hubs in Ukraine; Amazon, Ericsson, Cisco, Samsung, Boeing, Siemens, Oracle, IBM..

Growth – Ukraine’s IT service industry expected to grow to $10 Billion by 2024 from $4.5 Billion today according to PwC. Over 50,000 IT related graduates enter the labour market every year.

Given all of these benefits, what are the options for considering a development team in Ukraine?

We’ll advise you on service models and partners so that you can find the best fit for scaling up your team.


Our Approach

We work with some of the leading service companies in Ukraine, each with a different approach to providing software development resources. Here’s a brief summary:

Sigma Software – a big tech company (1000+ employees) serving both Fortune500 enterprises and tech startups. Sigma Software major experience lies in supporting start-ups from MVP development to successful multimillion exits, and is the best fit for ambitious projects that would need to grow to 20+ developers fast.

Cloud9 – small scale (100 employees). Originally, founded in Australia with western management and built their development team in Kiev. C9 are ideal for smaller projects and outstaffing. For example, hiring 5-15 developers for a specific project or to be part of your permanent team.

Alcor – a very different model that enables organisations to build and run their own team on a long-term basis. The Alcor team will help you with; locating offices, recruitment outsourcing, HR and payroll, accounting, legal and compliance and any back-office requirements.

Ready to talk?

RocketJuice will discuss your needs with you and make some recommendations.

Once you’ve selected a partner we would continue to be part of the process, ensuring that throughout the engagement you’re receiving the service quality expected.

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